In FMC, you will always be taught by two teachers : Gaël and Gian.
Gaël : a French native, is a graphic artist who used to give French tutorials to Japanese learners when he was in Japan.
He was also part of a language club in Japan. He is in charge of explaining cultural differences that will help you understand the language through the eyes of a native.
Gian : a Filipino, is a Philosophy professor at a university. She took her Master "Esthétique Comparée" at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne in France. She also previously worked at a language school in Paris teaching French to Indian nationals. SHE is responsible for the pedagogical techniques that will help you understand grammatical rules by relating the target language with your mother tongue. 
What we offer are classes and tutorials that will help you improve your grasp of the French language.
However, we do not issue certificates as we are not an accreditation institute.
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